Global visions
developed locally.

DAAR is a new breed of property developers. We cross our design legacy, our local development expertise, and international reach to create solid structures and sound investments.
We are the local partner for capital seeking entry into the Spanish real estate market. We are as well a one-stop shop for property owners with optimistic visions.

Our main focus is residential buildings. We build new ones, but more often revitalize existing builds. We are continuously fine tuning the balance between conservation and modernization.
Daar is based in Barcelona and born out of Intercon, a key player for large-scale interior architecture projects with more than 25 years of concrete track record.


DAAR is a partner of Intercon, a Barcelona based interior architecture firm with 25 years of proven track record and a diverse portfolio of creations. Intercon creates ideal living spaces in addition to iconic cultural and professional spaces with projects across the globe.


DAAR is the culmination of expertise and a track record of successful ventures in different markets. Different entities come together under the umbrella of DAAR each bringing in their decades of experience developing mid-to-high scale commercial, residential, and cultural projects in Europe, Asia, the Arabian Peninsula, and Africa.


The team behind DAAR has been based and operating in Barcelona for the last 25 years developing and revitalising properties. We have access to the most reliable skill, material providers, and regulatory advisory allowing us to successfully execute the plans & visions of our clients.


DAAR, Intercon and its partners have a reach span that covers the globe with tens of delivered projects under the supervision of what is now the DAAR team. The strongest presence is in the Arabian Gulf Markets, Central Asia market and the home market of Barcelona. This commercial and financial network reach gives DAAR its competitive advantage.

Diputació 219

Dip-219 is located at a stone’s throw from the University of Barcelona at the heart of the city with 5 residential units.
  • Office to residential conversion
  • 1,800 m2 developed
  • 5 residential units
  • 1 commercial unit

Pau Claris 87

Pau-87 is a beautifully authentic high ceiling living space in Eixample a block away from Passeig de Gràcia.
  • Office to residential conversion
  • 480 m2 developed
  • 4 residential units

Ausiàs Marc 41

The classic architecture of Aus-41 dominates one of Eixample's quiet corners close to the business and commercial squares of the city.
  • Hospital to residential conversion
  • 5,800 m2 developed
  • 24 Residential units
  • 5 Commercial units

Monestir 10

Located in Pedralbes, Barcelona's most exclusive neighborhood, Mon-10 will be redeveloped into 4 grand residential spaces.
  • Private university to residential conversion
  • 2,100 m2 developed
  • 4 Residential units


Carrer de la Riba 36,
08950, Esplugues de Llobregat
Barcelona. Spain

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